About Friends With Benefits

FWB is a collaborative project in printmaking run by Baltimore-based printer Erin Wallace. Breaking away from the anonymity of the standard printer/artist relationship, FWB creates its own friendships between all collaborators.

The first collection is now available for purchase through this blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Contributor: John Chae

Super excited to start Friends With Benefits this Summer! We've been connecting with some of our favorite artists and working with them to build a totally awesome collection of prints accessible to as many people as possible. In anticipation of the first letterpress printed collection, we want to share who some of the first Friends are.

John Chae is a Brooklyn-based illustrator whose attention to detail accentuates the humor in his pieces.

References from Dragon Ball to goopy-faced baseball players builds an interesting depth to John's portfolio.

Really psyched to print John's contribution to Friends With Benefits!

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